Cara Cara Orange Rosemary Shrub

Add some brightness to your next cocktail or soda with this sweet and tangy cara cara rosemary shrub! This cocktail came up to me in the boring month of January while everyone was worried about New Year’s resolutions and staying out of the bar. We accidentally picked up a bag of Cara Caras instead ofContinue reading “Cara Cara Orange Rosemary Shrub”

Snake Plant Care

Snake plants are easy to care for if you know stick to these guidelines! Few plants have as many different names as the Snake Plant. Across Europe, it’s called “Mother-in-Law’s Tongue” and “Saint Georges Sword”. In Japan they call it “Tiger’s Tail”, and it goes by “Cow’s Tongue” in Puerto Rico. Addressing this plant byContinue reading “Snake Plant Care”

Cocktail Clarification Basics

Cocktail clarification is easier than you think! Clarification is something that most people don’t consider when they’re getting ready to make a drink unless they’re a total “cocktail snob”. You know the type – someone who used to bartend in NYC or LA and now they know everything there is to know about every singleContinue reading “Cocktail Clarification Basics”

Drinking Vinegar Shrub

Shrub, or drinking vinegar, has been utilized as a health tonic and culinary ingredient for centuries. Today shrub is used in everything from craft cocktails to household cleaning supplies and spiritual tools.  What is Shrub? A shrub is a vinegar flavored with fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices, and sometimes sugar. It is the natural bi-product ofContinue reading “Drinking Vinegar Shrub”

The Drunken Botanist Book Review

The Drunken Botanist by Amy Stewart is one of my most dog-eared books. In this book, Stewart covers the history and horticulture of 160 different plants related to the production and consumption of alcohol.  She expertly combines scientific facts with cultural whimsey to explain how and why the world’s most popular alcoholic beverages came toContinue reading “The Drunken Botanist Book Review”