How to use Coconut Coir to Start Seeds

If you’ve ever had a seed starter kit or explored the idea of mixing your own seed starting soil, chances are you’ve come across coconut coir. Some people like it, some people don’t. Before I could make my own opinion on the unusual dirt discs that came in the mail with some seeds, I askedContinue reading “How to use Coconut Coir to Start Seeds”

How to make Green Cardamom Syrup

Green cardamom is an amazing spice, and here’s how to use it in mixology. While exploring interesting ingredients for original cocktails, I experimented extensively with green cardamom. I tried to infuse gin with it; I tried adding it to shrubs; I tried to use cardamom tea as a replacement for Pimm’s; the list goes on.Continue reading “How to make Green Cardamom Syrup”