How to use Coconut Coir to Start Seeds

If you’ve ever had a seed starter kit or explored the idea of mixing your own seed starting soil, chances are you’ve come across coco coir. Some people like it, some people don’t. Before I could make my own opinion on the unusual dirt discs that came in the mail with some seeds, I askedContinue reading “How to use Coconut Coir to Start Seeds”

How to make Green Cardamom Syrup

While exploring interesting ingredients for original cocktails, I experimented extensively with green cardamom. I tried to infuse gin with it; I tried adding it to shrubs; I tried to use cardamom tea as a replacement for Pimm’s; the list goes on. What I found is that the most effective and logical way to use greenContinue reading “How to make Green Cardamom Syrup”